Enrich Academy by Ren Behan

The doors are open!

Join the Enrich Academy today and you'll be joining an exclusive community of like-minded, positive and supportive women on a creative or entrepreneurial journey. 

What You Get:

  • Self-paced online modules within a secure, password-protected platform
  • Supporting materials, including worksheets
  • Access to our Private Enrich Members Facebook Group   
  • Weekly group Q&A sessions and Lives by Ren

Course Content includes modules on:

  • Analysing what you do/offer/sell and setting or raising your prices 

  • Support with new projects/identifying additional revenue streams

  • Strategy planning - what should you do next to achieve your goals 

  • Mindset - how to be more positive, how to think creatively, how to bust your blocks, how to strengthen your boundaries 

The Enrich Academy Modules and the Private/Members Only Enrich Facebook Group are designed to help you feel supported and championed - whatever your current position. 

If you are someone who would like the support of a mentor in your life or your business, then the Enrich Academy is for you. Ren Behan is here to help you dig deep, uncover your personal mission and smash your business or personal goals. 

Through the Enrich Academy you'll make new friends, identify your strengths, acknowledge your worth and find new ways forward - so that you feel enriched, rather than drained.  

Use the coupon code ENRICHNEWSEASON to save $200 on the price of the course until Sunday 7th October. 

You'll find the COUPON box on the Enrich Sales Page before you check out. 

BONUS: Weekly lives and Q&A sessions with Ren plus a direct email to ask any burning questions.  


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