Enrich by Ren Behan

Enrich is a brand new online, group mentoring academy designed by Ren Behan to help you achieve clarity in your business and set clear, actionable goals to succeed. 

Enrich will offer you direct support, particularly if you are a female creative freelancer or an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to create profitable streams of income and grow your brand.

In an online world full of noise and competition, it's amazing how easy it is to still feel unsupported. Although we may have more ways to engage with each other, most of us struggle to be seen or to stand out.   

Throughout the course you'll make new friends, challenge yourself to dig deep, identify your strengths, acknowledge your worth and find new ways forward to start or propel your business.  

I'm really excited to be here to help you think bigger and achieve wonderful things.  

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Group Support

Birds flock or swarm together in the same direction. They are all self-propelled, but birds flying in a flock can travel longer distances, more quickly than birds flying alone. Within Enrich, you'll find a positive, supportive flock of birds who will help you soar higher. Members include aspiring business owners, hobby bloggers, new sole traders and product-based business entrepreneurs who want to think bigger. 

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Online Modules

One module per week for 8 weeks, plus bonus lessons and worksheets and ongoing group support within a Private Facebook Mastermind Group. Once you join the academy, you will have lifetime access to the course materials. You can work through the modules at any time at your own pace. Modules cover brand awareness, how to find your niche, growth and scaling, pricing, mindset and time-management. 

BONUS: Weekly Office Hours to ask me any questions you may have

Clarity and Growth

You'll develop a completely new mindset to help you grow your business or create new ideas and concepts based on your skills and passions. There is no competition or comparison: simply positive, supportive, actionable steps to encourage you to make progress.

Be a successful person. Become enriched. 

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All of your self-limiting feelings, thoughts, anxieties, issues…stop here.

It’s time to say goodbye to inactivity, inaction, to being stuck and to the barriers that are holding you back. It’s time to re-set the current loop of thoughts in your mind that tell you you’re not good enough, clever enough, worthy enough to achieve success on your own terms. It’s also time to stop measuring your success against other people – because the only thing that really matters is that you are on the right path for YOU.

Ren Behan

Ren is an author, food writer and social media influencer. As an ex-lawyer, Ren swapped the courtroom for the kitchen and created a flexible, freelance business and blog. She went onto write Wild Honey and Rye, which was published both in the UK and in the US, introducing new audiences to modern Polish food. Ren is passionate about positive thinking, taking action to achieve her dreams and finding ways to make her work fit around her family life. 

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